About Us

Swimava International, founded in the UK in 2008, has become a pioneer in baby swim rings and continues to design and produce swim products with infant health and safety as our top priority. Equipped with 16 years of experience, we combine authenticity, style, and practicality to deliver unique, high-quality products intended to help parents and babies make their water experience not only fun, easy and safe but also beneficial and unforgettable.

Global Swimava Family

With over 20 Global partners, Swimava has become a recognized and reputable name around the world. Visit our partner sites, and consider becoming a member of our family!

Over Two Million Happy Babies

Over 2 million Swimava babies bonding with their parents and exploring the water in a safe, relaxed and fun environment.

Stylish• Vibrant• Colorful

We love to make fun and creative designs for you to enjoy your precious moments with your little one.

Our Guarantee

Our products are made with the highest quality materials with safety and comfort as the highest priority. If you have any concerns we will work to make it right.

Safety Report

We are constantly working with our partner countries to ensure our products meet current global safety standards.

Happy Baby, Happy Parent

THE BEST PURCHASE – “It was a beautiful way of spending time with my baby, he relaxed and enjoyed the water so much. I want all my friends with babies to have one too!!” – Alexandra Fernandez