One caregiver holds the infant, preferably in a sitting position, with one hand supporting the back of the neck and the other hand supporting the chest/tummy. The second caregiver opens the Starter Ring and puts it around the infant’s neck.

Helpful hint! When placing the Starter Ring on your infant, try to get them to tilt their head up. This will make it easier to slide the ring under the chin and have the chin rest on top of the ring.

Parents should ensure that the infant’s chin is supported by the Starter Ring. If the infant’s chin easily slips under the chin rest, the ring may be too large. You can consider exchanging the Swimava Starter Ring for a Petite Swimava Starter Ring.

Early water activity allows for full body development and can help encourage bowel movement, improve constipation, relieve colic, and regulate sleeping and eating patterns naturally.
Not at all. The Starter Ring supports the infant’s chin and head above water and does not constrict his or her breathing.

When an infant can hold their head up while on the belly, they can begin to enjoy water time. Infants tend to feel safe and calm in water, a familiar environment, as they were surrounded by amniotic fluid in the womb. For this reason, infants can easily gain confidence with water activity. In some cases, older children may be unfamiliar with the feeling of water buoyancy and may take longer to adapt to the feeling of floating in the water, therefore, the recommended ideal age to start early water activity with your infant is 2-3 months.

We suggest no more than 20 minutes per session. Water may become cold and the infant may feel tired from the physical activity.

It is best to feed the baby 45 minutes before water time. The baby should not feel hungry or too full and should be rested before they start their physical activity in the water. If your infant is suffering from a cold or fever, it is best to reschedule your water time.

Yes, caregivers must stay with infants in water at all times. Never leave an infant unattended while using any Swimava products. Always remain within arm’s reach.

It is perfectly safe for infants to enjoy bath time in the family bathtub or baby friendly public pools. We highly recommend using one of our Swimava Home Spas where you can have full control of the water quality, temperature, and depth to ensure your infant enjoys their water activity safely.

Water time is great for infants with mild eczema. Spending time in water (approximately 34 degrees Celsius) can help calm the skin. If the eczema is severe, it is advisable to consult a doctor first.