Get To Know Our Products

Starter Ring

1 month+

Designed to gently support your infants head and chin while the body is immersed in water, allowing for the free movement of arms and legs which in turn helps to develop water treading skills.

Tummy Ring

3 months+

Designed for baby to comfortably have his ’Tummy Time’ during his bath.

Swim Seat

6 months+

Designed to allow infants to enjoy water time in a safe and relaxed sitting position. The inflatable back pillow provides extra support and comfort.

Body Ring

12 months+

Designed to fit securely under infants arms to support the body above water allowing them to tread water in a comfortable position. Best used with a sunsuit outdoors.

Swim Wings

1.5 years+

Designed to fit on the upper arm between the elbows and shoulders. Not your average water wings! Swimava’s proven quality and beautiful designs.

Swim Diaper

1 month+

Designed with 3 adjustable settings around legs and waist and quality 3 layer protection with an impermeable inner membrane to prevent accidents from escaping.

Compact Home Spa

1 month+

Compact design ideal for home use. Now your infant can enjoy swimming during bath time at home! Best when used with the Swimava Starter Ring or Body Ring.

Le Macaron Home Spa

0 month+

A dedicated space for infant bathing that is more hygienic for your baby.

Water Thermometer

Our floating thermometer with easy grip design is a great way to determine if the water is too hot for baby’s delicate skin.

Bathroom Hook

Our damage free stick up hook design is great for hanging your Swimava Ring to dry, and for saving space.